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SimpleTerm - RS232 Monitor / RS232 Terminal

SimpleTerm is an advanced serial port monitor, simulation and RS232 data capture and analysis tool. Use to log, monitor, analyse or automate RS232 communication or simply use as an ASCII RS232 Terminal for basic serial port communication and RS232 device configuration.

It is a high performance 32-bit application designed to run on almost all PCs running Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP and Windows 7.

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There are currently two versions of this RS232 / serial port monitor (Standard and Gold Edition) with a slightly different feature set so that you only pay for what you need.

SimpleTerm - Serial Port Monitor is a thoroughly tested, mature, highly stable product used worldwide by professional engineers, technicians and software developers as a development aid and debugging tool for RS232 / serial port related projects. It's easy to use "simple" user interface also makes it a favourite amongst serial port novices and professionals alike. Don't take our word for it - try out the free evaluation versions!

SimpleTerm - Serial Port Monitor will work with the serial / COM ports provided by your operating system. Physically, these ports will be RS232 SUB D9 serial port interfaces in most cases. However, it is also possible to use SimpleTerm for other communication standards such as RS485 and RS422, which have a different electrical design to RS232 but follow the RS232 communication mechanism. Also supported are Virtual COM ports presented by e.g. USB-Serial adaptors & Bluetooth™ Serial Port Profile devices.

SimpleTerm is also know as an RS232 Analyzer as it provides superb data viewing and capture features for post analysis. It comes with popular CRC analysis as standard.

PC Interfacing - DACIO RS232 Input / Output Modules

PTronix are proud to present our latest OEM input/output modules. The DACIO 300 series modules are powerful new microcontroller (MCU) based computer interface boards. A single board provides two 8-bit digital input/output ports and up to 8 analogue input channels to computers equipped with a spare RS232 COM port. Sold from


These high quality, fully documented modules have an unparalleled feature set and are affordably priced for use by technicians, engineers or students in schools, colleges and universities for their data acquisition and control system requirements.

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