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Free Serial Port Monitor Windows 10

SimpleTerm SE - Serial Data Analyzer


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SimpleTerm SE V3.1 - (.zip):
SimpleTerm SE + Manual ( 1.16MB, v3.1)

SimpleTerm user manual in PDF format:
User manual in PDF format ( 0.4MB, v2.01)




- Colour coded ASCII/Hexadecimal/Mixed mode data view.
- Baud 110 to 115200.
- Supports COM1 to COM256 (new v3.1 on onwards).
- Import and Export SimpleTerm Profiles.
- Streaming data input.
- For Windows 9x, NT, 2000, 2003, XP and Windows 7.
- Data entry using the PC keyboard similar to a terminal
- Control signal monitoring, virtual LEDs.
- Capture to file and send data from files. Colour print capability.
- Copy & paste data to other applications    in RTF (Rich Text
- Built in search.
- Integrated feature rich notepad.
- Support for Virtual COM ports (USB-Serial adaptors and
  Bluetooth SPP devices).
- High performance, fast display screen.

Single user license.
Also see SimpleTerm Gold (GE).

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"A great and well designed alternative to HyperTerminal which can be used in further configuring your serial devices"- customer review
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